Noah at 4, doing some glazing.
At Allamakee Wood-Fired Pottery we produce simple, functional pottery for everyday use in your home and garden.

We have been inspired by folk traditions from all over the world, most notably the Orient, England and the southern US.  These vastly different pots seem to have a common spirit of honesty and strength that we try to instill in our own pots.  We do not, however, try to recreate what has already been done, but rather create a continuity where our loose interpretations of these old forms are fired side by side with what some people would consider less traditional shapes. 
It is our goal to create handmade pottery that keeps the old idea of beauty in function alive with strong wood-fired forms.  We think you will agree with us that in this age of technology it has become even more important for people to have a tactile experience with something that has  been created by the hand, for the hand.
Allamakee Wood-Fired Pottery is owned and operated by husband and wife team Nate and Hallie Evans and is located at:  2856 Blair Road, New Albin, Iowa 52160. Please Contact Us for more specific information on how to find our pottery, or sign up to receive our e-newsletters.
Allamakee Wood-Fired Pottery
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Noah at 2, on his kick wheel.

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Nate and Finn loading the kiln for our Sept. 2013 firing.
Finn, 2, washing pots after unloading the kiln.
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