Place Settings and Orders
Place settings are by far our most common special order pots. 
We offer a lovely selection of glazes for you to choose from.
Below are images of some of our most popular glazes.
This is our "Blue" glaze.   It is actually a cobalt pigment over a cream glaze.  We incise through the pigment to reveal the glaze beneath.  The pattern is inspired by ancient Chinese ceramics.
This is our "Celadon with stamps" glaze/pattern.  It's a light greenish glaze and we use a handmade stamp to create a pattern on the inside of the pot. 
The approximate turn-around time for place settings is 8 to 12 weeks since we only fire about five times a year.  The price for one setting is $78, which includes a dinner plate, a side plate, and a soup bowl.  The usual numbers ordered are six, eight, ten or twelve and there are considerable discounts for orders of six or more.  We also have a wide variety of mugs and tumblers, as well as serving bowls and platters to accent your settings.  Please call or email for more information.
We are happy to consider other special orders as well.  Please call or email us to see if we would be willing to do what you have in mind.  Most of the orders we take are for pots that fit in with the rest of our body of work and allow us to work in our own unique style. 
We have many styles of mugs and tumblers that complement our dinner sets. Pictured here are:  round mugs, mugs, tumblers, wine cups, fluted cups and steins.
This is our "PB over Red Slip" glaze.  We glaze the pots with a red clay slip, wipe the decoration through the slip and then glaze over the top of that with a celadon glaze.
This is our "Ash over red slip" glaze.  We glaze the pots with a red clay slip and wipe the decoration through the slip to expose the clay body underneath.  We then glaze the pots with our Ash glaze- which is composed of red clay, ashes and granite dust.
You can customize your place setting by adding a wide variey of complementary dishes such as platters, serving bowls, serving boats, slab dishes etc... Use your imagination!
Getting married and looking for unique gifts?  We do wedding registries!  We work with you to select a group of pots and then set up a web page with photos of those pots.  Send your guests a link, and they order from us.  We offer gift wrapping or shipping.  See our home page for examples of two different registries.  Contact us for more information on your own registry!
Wedding Registries
Our plates and bowls are perfect for every day use!  Food, microwave and dishwasher safe!  Great for eating, serving and holding your garden's harvest!
Place setting on right is our "Ash over white slip" glaze.  We use the same technique, but a white clay slip instead of red, followed by our Ash glaze.
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