Kiln Construction Photos
The kiln shed was built in November of 2003, in anticipation of building our new house and workshop on our land a half mile from our old house.
A hole was dug four feet deep and then backfilled with two feet of gravel so that the kiln will remain partially buried.   The foundation bricks are layed on a packed layer of sand. 
After drawing out the approximate shape of the arch on paper, individual ribs were made of OSB and covered with strips of  plywood.  In these pictures, Hallie lays the first arch layers along the form, incorporating air inlet holes along the floor of the kiln.
After the arch form was completed and the bricks layed up higher than the sidestoking holes, the arch was completed with a high temperature castable cement.  Our friends Val and Josh helped us mix and apply the balls of castable and form them into a solid structural unit.
The balls of castable were applied over the arch that had been covered with masonite and a layer
of plastic.  Once the castable had dried, the arch form was removed with a Sawzall.
After the chimney was started, the area around the brick arch was backfilled with dirt to the original ground level.   Both passive and active dampers were built into the chimney to control the draft during the firing.  The arch was coverd with insulation and then a final layer of castable.
    The completed kiln. 
The interior steps up three times over its 16 foot length and holds up to 600 pots.